China Painting

I do all my china painting, or porcelain painting, from original designs, most of which I now compose on the computer. I have had a number of china painting articles published, and have reproduced two on this site (Fan, and Magnolia Showers); the others are listed in my resume.

I have included some thumbnail images of my china painting; click on any one below to see a larger image of that piece. These are just for you to enjoy; at present only my jewellery is for sale.

Magnolia Showers series

Magnolia plate Magnolia coffee pot Magnolia Plates Magnolia Showers plate 27cm

Handpainted Porcelain Fan

Handpainted fan

What exactly is china painting? You can see a brief description on My Work page, or visit my China Painting List to read descriptions of other porcelain painting sites around the world.

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