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Pendants, Brooches and Earrings

Handmade from fine porcelain, gently shaped and textured, and finished with a mix of china paints, lusters and glass. The designs below are unique and will not be repeated.

porcelain pendant p27

PENDANT on a gold chain

This porcelain pendant has two holes cut in it, letting the wearer's clothing show through; it looks stunning on a plain or self-textured garment. The red areas are fused glass, decorated with gold; the painted background is a deep salmon colour and has a soft sheen.

p27 US$ 55.00 diagonal size 5.2cm or 2″

porcelaim brooch b10


This unusual brooch was a pleasure to make. I combined paints and lustres with strips cut from decals - a happy combination. (And it all came about when I found some decal pieces left over from work done for a magazine article years ago!)


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