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These pendants are part of my “lustre and glass” series, so called because most of them feature multiple coats of gold, bronze and mother-of-pearl lustres — with pieces of glass kiln fired to make bead-like decorations. The three pendants below are hand poured porcelain, domed and slightly irregular in shape. They are dull gold on the reverse, and come on a gold display chain.

porcelain pendant t03

Porcelain Pendant

This piece features soft pink, hand-rolled paste jewels instead of glass.

t03 SOLD

ceramic pendant p26

Porcelain Pendant

p26 US$ 70.00
size 4.3cm or 1.7″

handmade pendant p24

Handmade Pendant

p24 US$ 70.00
size 5cm or 2″

The above pieces are unique, so you will never see anyone else wearing “your” jewellery.

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