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Handmade Jewellery

One of the joys of owning these handcrafted pieces is knowing that they are unique. You will never see anyone else wearing “your” jewellery!

pink and gold earrings m43

Hook Earrings

These oval, gently domed earrings are finished with marbled luster, patterned gold and hand-rolled paste jewels. During making they were hand-dipped in pink luster; some of this has been deliberately left on the back, as a pleasing contrast to the white porcelain. Steel hooks.

m43 US$ 60.00 size 2.3cm or 0.9″

pink and gold earrings m44r

Ceramic Earrings

Porcelain earrings finished with marbled luster, textured gold and kiln-fused glass. The glass is hard to see in this image; it nestles in the 'lip' of the earrings and catches any movement like light on drops of dew.

Some pink and mauve luster has been left on the back of these pieces, to contrast with the white porcelain. Steel posts (studs).

m44 US$ 60.00 size 2cm or 0.8″

peanut shaped luster earrings w03 marbled gold back of earrings w03

Porcelain Earrings

These earrings are shaped like hollow half-peanuts and decorated with marbled lustre and gold. The dark areas are black porcelain, inset and covered with bronze luster for an eye-catching sheen.

The gold border is visible in the other image, along with the crackled gold backs.

w03 US$ 70.00 size 2.3cm or 0.9″

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