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Handmade Jewellery

Handcrafted in fine studio porcelain so that no two are identical. Once a piece on this page is sold, I will not be offering another exactly the same.

ceramic earrings be1 porcelain brooch be2


These pieces are softly domed and painted to give a gentle sheen. The colours change slightly with the light; sometimes the lighter areas develop an attractive pinkish blush.

Earrings BE1 US$ 47.00 size: 2.4 cm or 1″

Brooch BE2 US$ 42.00 size: 3.2 cm or 1.2″

porcelain rings r01 and r02


The oval pieces in these rings look like opals, but are really porcelain marbled with lusters. The adjustable settings are plated base metal.

Silver ring r01 US$ 42.00
Gold ring r02 US$ 42.00

handmade pendant p28

PENDANT on a gold chain

This flat porcelain pendant has a circular cut-out, filled with a slightly smaller piece of black porcelain; the backing piece gives the impression of a black, recessed frame. The crystalline decoration on the centre piece changes colour with the light, giving it a pleasant silvery sheen.

p28 US$ 55.00 size (diagonal): 4.7cm (1.8″)

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