The Janri Studio

Electric kiln
My studio is not very photogenic, unlike my jewellery and china painting, so I don't have a picture of it to share with you. I have included a photo of my electric kiln instead, with some of my porcelain sitting on it. The kiln is only small — a pavlova plate just fits in — but it will fire up to 1300° C, which is the maturing temperature for porcelain.

Our Garden

Pride of IndiaCobwebOur garden, however, is a bit more attractive. Here's one corner on a foggy Brisbane morning, when the Pride of India were casting dramatic shadows and all the cobwebs sparkling in the light.

These photos were taken some years ago, so the trees are larger now.

Red rose
Here's another corner of our garden with one of my mother's favourite roses in full bloom.

My Studio Helper

Tristram catLastly here is a picture of my studio “helper” Tristram, who shared the common feline belief that he should come first, not last.

Don't let that innocent look fool you: in his younger days he would occasionally give in to temptation and push my work off the shelf, just for the pleasure of seeing it fall.

Tristram, alas, is no longer with us, and I miss my little helper — even if he did cost me a few broken masterpieces!

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